captainofmyowndestiny asked:

I once had an Indian man tell me I was racist because I called out an Indian movie as being extremely sexist, I'm a white woman and I believe I have the right to call something sexist when it is exploiting women regardless of the culture.

youarenotdesi answered:

Do you remember what movie it was? What exactly was it that you found sexist? Keep in mind that with any culture you do not belong to there’s probably stuff you do not know. 


white woman you do not know everything about everything.  our culture is complicated and does not need you coming in with your white woman opinions about how women should be treated.  in america women make a fraction of what men do, in South India they’re treated like goddesses.  do not begin to assume anything about us.  you have no right to feel like you’re right.

- Nadya


reminder that M.I.A isn’t Indian 

don’t be an ignorant little prick and ignore the fact that there are other countries that also have brown people. NOT ALL BROWN PEOPLE ARE INDIAN


koodles asked:

POC are not oppressed anymore. Get a grip. They're are many many laws protecting all kinds of discrimination, and there's even this magical thing called Affirmative Action that actually gives POC a better chance of getting a job/getting into college than their white counterparts! The age of institutionalized racism in the modern world is long dead.

whitepeoplestealingculture answered:

that’s bullshit and you know it. how in the fuck are you one to say if racism is long dead? what laws protect poc against racism? white people and police are constantly getting away with murdering innocent black people without any consequences; white people have an 11% chance of going to prison while POC have about 50% not to mention that 88-90% of prisoners in the US are POC; white people with a criminal record are more likely to get a job while POC without criminal records are denied jobs and are only discriminated against because of the way they look. all that shit white people have done still affects the rest of us, and i’m not even talking about just in the united states, i’m talking about anywhere they’ve taken their imperialistic asses and ruined every nation and race possible.

quite honestly, it seems that your definition of racism is more hurt feelings and stereotypes about white people that aren’t even dangerous. meanwhile racist stereotypes about the rest of us get us killed. black people being seen as “dangerous” get denied jobs, attacked, insulted, etc. 

apparently you as a white male feel like it’s right to insert yourself into a place for POC to discuss their experiences with racism? in what way can you discuss racism where you as a white person with privilege will never have to face?  


Hmmmmm…….. I didn’t realize that women owe men anything. Thank goodness for this mansplaining straight white male with all his privilege. (FACE-PALM)


There are a lot of versions of this out there. I can’t decide what’s worse about it…the fact that it ignores that you should actually extend ALL humans respect, because that’s the right thing to do…or the fact that it can be used as a justification to treat women shittily and victim blame…or the fact that it positions women as something to be “earned” by men. (Gif added.) 

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